Heard It Before

Track 2

I most often refer to this song by its other title, "Pop Garbage."

I think everyone in this business struggles with keeping a consistent sound. Just the other day at work a colleague and I were hashing through the idea of bouncing around in genres while keeping the same artist name. How vaporwave can I go with a song like "Pop Garbage" in the tracklist? Will it be weird to have a pair of ambient songs on the same record as some downtempo electro jazz?

It's weird, and got weirder as song after song met the chopping block. There was another song, called "Shake It," that didn't make it onto the album, mostly due to the fact that I may have accidentally ripped off a Metro Station rhythm (and title) and didn't feel like re-tooling it. It was the natural cousin of "Heard It Before," bouncy pop dualities that could exist between the ambient and the jazz. Left by itself, "Heard It Before" might have been "too pop" for Aveleon--didn't we leave that all behind with Anchorage?

Rhetorical question--Anchorage evolved, but you can still hear "Up and Away" and Enya and everything that middle-school-me would have been looping on my Dell PC. When I listen to "Heard It Before," I feel like I'm on the bus again, filling my head with the kinds of unashamed pop chords I used to binge on before the security guards at school would tell me to put my CD player away.

Hopefully this rendition is a little bit more 2017, but if it pops, Anchorage says don't fix it.